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We provide proprietary software solutions for the quick and simple management of technical and commercial support processes.

All of our solutions are based on the concept of tracking. Tracking makes it possible both to optimise performance of the activities, to improve relations with your customers, and increase your business. All of our platforms are activated in cloud mode to improve efficiency, reduce start-up costs and be simple and user-friendly for all markets and businesses. They can be integrated with one another or used on a stand-alone basis, guaranteeing interfacing with company CRM and ERP solutions. You can try our platforms for free via the relevant websites.

Other products that can be integrated with livecare support

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Help Desk and Trouble Ticketing

Deskoala is a multichannel cloud solution, to help you optimise your customer support services. Integrated with the company eco-system, it helps manage customer service by bringing together all of the channels in a single interface (e-mail, telephone, chat, fax, SMS, telegram). Record the tickets received by the Support Team and track the data using specific KPIs to process it within the dedicated Dashboard.


Livecare Contact

Contact Center and Call Center

Livecare Contact is an efficient, comprehensive Contact Center. It allows you to manage your customers and gather information on the quality of the service based on specific basic indicators. Through a series of configurable modules, it provides multichannel customer support, and is easy to integrate with telephone infrastructure and existing software.



Remote Video Support

Acty is a software solution that allows you to provide remote video support. Using a smartphone or smartglasses, it connects experts in the company with on-field technicians or customers using audio and video connections. The Augmented Reality features allow the operator to provide precise instructions on where to operate, saving on travel costs and call-outs.


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