Security protocols

Our customers' security is our priority, because we know how important these things are to those who work online.

icona encryption


Livecare Support traffic is secure thanks to the use of the TLS protocol (1.0 or above depending on the operating system) with 256 bit AES for session encryption. This is a completely secure technology that complies with current security standards. Communication occurs directly between Liveoperator and Livelet without any information being stored on our servers and even we, as server operators, are unable to read the flow of encrypted data.

icona data protection

Data protection

With each connection to the software, Livecare Support generates a new session code to offer increased protection to its users and prevent unauthorised remote access. Under no circumstances are the video files of support sessions performed and recorded stored on Icona servers, even temporarily. There is no function that allows Livelet to operate in the background; a small control panel is always visible, and this does not allow background monitoring of customers' computers in any way.

icona gdpr


The GDPR ("General Data Protection Regulation") redesigns the concept of privacy by introducing specific rules on the methods that companies must apply to personal data processing. We have been working for some time with a team of experts to put a GDPR compliance plan in place to improve the security of Livecare Support and enhance the level of personal data protection, with the aim of eliminating the risk of processing in a manner that does not comply with the regulation.

Code signing

As a further safety measure, all of our software is protected via Thawte Code Signing.

All of the information on our security protocols is available in PDF format.

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