How to earn more with a remote support billing service

Calculating the cost of remote support sessions allows you to increase the revenue generated by customer support activities.

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Billing for remote support

Companies working in the IT sector today dedicate a large part of their time to remote support activities. However, many companies rely on remote support accounting platforms that are inefficient, to say the least. This wastes time and resources that could be made more profitable with little effort.

This is why we have designed Livecare Support, an innovative remote support management and billing platform that allows you to track the frequency and duration of the sessions requested by various customers, thus establishing the cost and time to dedicate to it.

The functions that help you calculate the costs of remote support sessions

Livecare Support allows you to calculate the costs of remote support sessions by assigning three different types of contract to your customers: Pay-Per-Use, Prepaid or Flat Rate. This allows remote support session accounting tasks to be managed in a dynamic way.

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Livecare Support gives you the option of setting a series of customisable variables, including a per-minute call cost, a connection fee and time bands for charging, again based on the number of minutes. This makes it easy to calculate the amount owed by the customer and correctly bill for the remote session, without giving your time and resources for free.

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This function allows you to allocate a number of prepaid hours that the customer can use at their discretion. Naturally, you can also set an expiry date after which they can no longer use the remaining time. The operator only needs to top up the minutes, because the system automatically calculates the remaining support hours available.

icona flat-rate contract


This is a type of flat-rate contract with a pre-set expiry date, before which the customer can avail of inclusive support services. For the entire duration of the contract, however, Livecare Support will calculate the costs of the remote support sessions, providing detailed statistics on the sessions provided that will be useful in the event of renegotiating agreements.

Optimise support contract management and calculate the cost of remote support sessions

Livecare Support allows you to optimise the management of billing for remote support sessions using a number of advanced and almost entirely automated functions. These include management of the index and support sessions performed, as well as generating analytical reports aimed at accounting for remote support in a more profitable way. By analysing this data, you will also be able to calculate the costs of the remote support sessions based on the contracts described above:

icona index

Index management

By creating a customer index, Livecare Support helps you to manage expiry dates and payments, creating a customised remote support billing system. The system will notify you when a contract expires or a specific customer uses up all of their prepaid minutes. In this way, you can calculate the costs of all remote support sessions and easily identify any insolvent customers.

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Management of remote support sessions

Remote support billing requires proper management of the support sessions performed. As such, Livecare Support calculates the cost of the remote support activities based on the contract in place. It also creates analytical reports containing various information that is very useful for performing accounting tasks in relation to the remote support session, such as duration and overall cost of the support sessions requested by the various customers.

icona e-mail reports

Automatic e-mail reports

It is possible to request that a report be generated at the end of each customer support session, which is automatically sent to the customer to confirm the work performed. It may include various information, such as the date, duration or cost of the support session and the name of the relevant operator. You can also send customised reports based on the various types of contract provided for by the remote support accounting system.

Improve your support service business with livecare support

Calculating the cost of remote support sessions is fundamental. That's why we are giving you the opportunity to test the effectiveness of Livecare Support and its remote support accounting system. Use the dedicated form to request a trial and try it for 7 days, commitment-free.

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