Service desk: how to optimise customer support

Manage support requests using an integrated service desk

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why use an integrated service desk for support services?

Customer Support teams often manage shared e-mail addresses, multiple telephone lines and many incoming messages across various channels. As the number of customers increases, the number of requests and reports also increases, making it difficult to manage the support service and increasing the chances of missing e-mails and requests. Livecare Support gives you the option of integrating the Deskoala ticketing system with its platform. You can count on this reliable, state-of-the-art tool to resolve problems of this kind and ensure optimal management of your Help Desk.

Functions capable of improving your help desk

Deskoala is a cloud-based ticket service software solution, to help you optimise your customer support services. It provides companies interested in improving their customer support processes with the opportunity to become more reliable and flexible, helping them grow their support service business.

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Reports sent by the customer to the Service Desk following any kind of problems are automatically converted into remote support tickets. A priority level is assigned to each ticket, and a time limit is automatically set for resolving and closing the matter. Deskoala is programmed to ensure that remote support requests are assigned to the first available technician, ensuring optimal response time.

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This is the main Deskoala environment where all support requests received by the service desk can be checked, allowing messages received from your customers through various channels selected by the company to be managed in a uniform manner. Each message is automatically converted into a report that the technician must analyse to decide whether to delete it, convert it into a new ticket, or associate it with a previously opened ticket.

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This is a powerful Business Intelligence tool that makes it possible to monitor your team's activities using appropriate performance indicators. We know how fundamentally important it is for a company to be able to analyse large quantities of data produced; Deskoala allows you to assess the quality of your technicians' work, converting data collected through remote support activities into useful information for your business.

How can i integrate deskoala into my environment?

All products in the Icona Suite can be integrated with each other, allowing companies to improve their support services at various levels. The Deskoala service desk connector makes it possible to automatically activate the option of performing accounting tasks for support sessions provided to your customers directly within the ticket being managed. Each Deskoala ticket is associated with the customer database and has a status and category determined by the support operator. The Deskoala automatic functionality makes it possible to automatically calculate ticket management times, sorted based on communication channel (e-mail, chat, phone, CustomerPortal) and type of support provided. New remote support sessions are activated via the ticket page, where the operator creates the session code to be provided to the customer.

How can i try deskoala for free?

Do you know why your customer isn't satisfied with the service you offer? Could you estimate the time it takes your technicians to respond to a support request? Are you currently able to analyse the performance of your help desk?

Being able to manage all support requests received by your service desk is fundamental. Integration between the Livecare Support remote support tool and the Deskoala ticket system has been designed to improve your support activities and your relationship with your customers.

Try Deskoala free-of-charge for 15 days and integrate it with your company ecosystem to experience the benefits of using our service desk first hand.

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