The benefits of tracking remote support sessions

This is how remote support tracking improves your remote support services.

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Remote support tracking as a tool for company growth

Many companies today provide remote support to their customers via a completely free service, which makes up a significant chunk of their daily activities. However, only 5% of them take the time to assess the frequency and time spent providing remote support services to individual customers. This leads to an indiscriminate use of time and resources, which, in fact, does not generate any financial return for the company. To improve the efficiency and productivity of remote support services, it is therefore fundamental to track your remote support sessions, varying the service costs as a result.

We help you track your remote support activities

Livecare Support makes it possible to monitor remote support requests received from your customers, recording the date, times and duration of all sessions provided. Using its intuitive interface, you can also record support sessions performed on-site or by phone, and generate reports that allow you to analyse how and in what way you dedicate time to your customers. This function enables you to determine the most efficient and commonly used channels, to optimise the resources at your disposal. As well as simply tracking remote support sessions, Livecare Support also offers you the following functionality:

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Statistics on support sessions

Check the statistics on your support sessions and easily identify the critical points with the help of various efficiency parameters.

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Track the remote support sessions performed and view graphical representations of the statistics collected via a dashboard that can be customised with KPIs.

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See a preview of the data collected by the remote support tracking system, and export it in your preferred format at any time.

Optimise your remote support services using a dedicated tool

By tracking remote support activities, Livecare Support shows you how much time you have spent providing support to each customer, helping you to calibrate the service costs based on number, frequency and duration of the requested sessions. Livecare Support allows you to create a priority support channel for customers that require the most support, drawing up more profitable contracts on this basis. Furthermore, remote support tracking helps you to optimise the resources and time dedicated to customer support, so that the remote support service becomes an integral part of your company's core business.

Track remote support sessions and increase productivity

Livecare Support is available in "Basic" and "Plus" versions, and provides an opportunity to develop an efficient, lucrative remote support service. Start tracking and analysing the time spent on remote support sessions every day, and avail of our reporting and statistics systems to help improve your help desk business. If you would like more information on the service features, contact us now using our chat service or by phone. Also, try Livecare Support for 7 days for free, without any obligation to purchase and without restrictions.

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