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Modern Design

Work using a simple and modern user interface. Navigate a completely revised, user-friendly and visually appealing Dashboard.

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Updates included

Keep the software up to date at all times. We offer guaranteed free software updates for all platforms and operating systems for the duration of the contract.

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Work using Windows operating systems, or macOS, and connect via remote PCs or mobile systems. The operator and customer versions are also available on Mobile for Android and iOS operating systems.

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Machine monitoring

Receive automatic notifications on a 24/7 basis regarding the main resources of the remote machine, such as disc space, CPU, RAM and anti-virus or Windows Update status.

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Activity tracking

Perform detailed analyses of remote support activities by checking the statistics automatically generated by the tools to get a sense of the time dedicated to your customers.

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KPIs and statistics

Examine your remote support session statistics via the dedicated Dashboard that gives you to the opportunity to view the session statistics based on specific KPIs.

General Functionality

Unlimited support sessions

Provide support to an infinite number of remote computers with no time limit on the support sessions, up to a maximum of 10 simultaneous remote access sessions.

Updates Included

The licence includes Italian remote support and updates to the new versions of the software at no additional cost.

Multi-platform tool

Connect from any PC platform using Windows and macOS operating systems to other PCs, including from Android or iOS mobile devices and viceversa.

Italian technical support

An Italian service, both in terms of development and support. The subscription plan includes telephone and e-mail support.

Effective communication

Communicate and interact with your customers via chat or audio-video calls. Share your screen with them and enable them to control your machine.

Monitoring Machines

The system can send the user alarms based on checks carried out on the main resources of the remote PCs, such as CPU, RAM, disc space, anti-virus or Windows Update status.

Customisable Components

Modify the components to your liking, so that you can send them to your customer or include them on your website to make your technical support service unique.

Groups of machines

Arrange your customers' remote machines into groups, to have an organised overview of your customers, and assign rules to monitor their proper functioning on a 24 hour basis.

Remote control

Full Control

Gain control of a PC with just a few clicks, and use a series of advanced functions to help you with the remote support sessions.

Constant Access

Gain control of your machines at any moment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without needing for them to be attended by your customers.

File Transfer

Rapidly transfer files or folders of any size using a file manager complete with drag&drop functionality. Files are transferred in compressed mode.

Recording the sessions

Record a remote session, including automatically, in order to share it with colleagues or the end customer and get feedback on the operations performed.

Restarting the remote computer

Restart the remote computer with a simple click. The tool will connect again automatically, without the need for intervention by the customer.

Machine Inventory

Check a list of the programmes installed for each remote machine, the hardware characteristics and configuration of the PC network cards.

Secure Connections

Livecare Support traffic is secure thanks to the use of the TLS protocol with 256 bit AES crypting. This technology is regarded as fully secure according to current standards.

Statistics and reporting

Customer database

Import and manage your customers using a cloud-based index, so that you can keep track of the activities and sessions performed for your customers at all times.

Contract management

Associate each customer with one or more pricing models - Flat Rate, Pay-Per-Use or Prepaid, to automatically calculate the assistance provided to your customers.

Customisable KPIs

Analyse the performance of your helpdesk using customisable KPIs to determine how quickly and in what way remote support sessions are managed.

Statistics on support sessions

View detailed statistics on your remote support sessions and analyse them based on certain criteria in a dedicated section.

Intelligent association

Quickly gain control of a PC after the first remote connection, by availing of the intelligent customer recognition function.

Data exporting

Preview the reports on the support services provided within the system, and export the data at any time in various formats.

Sending reports

Create and entirely customize a report template that can be sent automatically or manually at the end of each assistance, both to the operator and the customer.


APIs for enterprise applications

The service includes free APIs to enable Livecare Support to be integrated with company eco-systems, including, for example, helpdesk or CRM systems.

APIs for reporting

These APIs enable Livecare Support to be integrated with company management software systems, and all of the information on the support sessions performed to be automatically imported.

Integration with Zoho report

An API is available that is compatible with Zoho Report, including its free version, to generate more complex customised reports.

Deskoala Service

Use Deskoala to manage support tickets with your team in an organised way. Assign a priority level to each ticket to optimise session management times.

Mobile application

Control of IOS systems

Interact with your customer using an App for iOS that enables voice conversations and allows you to support your customer using the built-in screenshot receipt function.

Control of Android systems

Depending on the version of the operating system, you can view the remote Android device screen in real time, and potentially take control of it.

Operator version

Operator version that allows you to connect to remote PCs or other mobile terminals running Android or iOS operating systems.

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