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Livecare Support allows you to easily control PCs,
servers and mobile devices wherever you are and at any time.

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Why choose Livecare Support?

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A simple and intuitive interface

Work with a clean, easy-to-use graphical interface. Connect quickly via a remote desktop and access your customers' PCs with a single click, without needing to install anything. Your customers no longer need to worry.

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Release updates included

Keep the software up to date at all times. We guarantee free support and updates across all platforms and operating systems for the duration of your contract. This means you don't need to purchase a new release every year.

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Agents and alarm management module

Install Internet Agents (Hosts) to gain permanent access to unattended PCs and servers. Using the dedicated alarm management module, you will receive timely notifications to prevent the remote machines from malfunctioning.

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Tracking remote support

Use the Business Intelligence functions to monitor everything at all times. Keep track and analyse the remote support activities performed, and use the performance indicators to view the support statistics.

Operators a day
Support session a month
Alarm raised a month

Do you really know how much remote support you provide every day?

Is there an increasing demand among your customers for remote support, leaving your customer support team feeling overwhelmed? It's time to think about your business, act quickly and transform your remote support services, achieving a higher level of service! How? Through tracking! For example, do you know how many hours of remote support you provide every day? Do you calculate the cost of your customer support? If the answer is no, Livecare Support can help you.

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How to perform accounting tasks for your remote support services

icona KPI

KPI statistics
on sessions

Take advantage of the system's internal integrated statistics function to keep constant track of the time spent on each individual remote support session. See the strengths and weaknesses of your help desk in terms of efficiency, by checking the customised performance indicators available on the dedicated dashboard.

icona report

Automatic end-of-session

Sends a notification at the end of a support session. Using the HTML Editor, you can customise the graphics and content of a report to be automatically sent at the end of each remote support session. This way, you can keep all of your sessions on file, and keep your customer updated at all times.

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API integrated with your company systems

Optimise processes and integrate Livecare Support functions. Our free APIs give you the opportunity to connect and synchronise the platform with your business applications. You can also export all of the information about the support sessions performed within your company management software system.

To recap, why use Livecare Support?

Provide remote support to your customers, check computers and devices, connect remotely to servers and machines, transfer files, access data, track the hours of support provided to each customer, generate detailed statistics and calculate the cost of the support sessions. All using a simple and intuitive remote access solution.

Use Cases

Livecare Support has updated its interface
to make the remote access experience more modern and intuitive.

  • Livecare Support's dashboard and statistics


    Analyse the remote support session statistics

  • Livecare Support's support file

    Support file

    All of the support data in a single file

  • Livecare Support's support sessions

    Support sessions

    Provide remote support to your customers

  • Livecare Support Internet Agent to give remote support

    Internet Agent

    Quick access to unattended devices and machines

  • Alarms with Livecare Support to see remote PCs and servers


    Check whether PCs and servers are being used

  • Customer address book with Livecare Support


    Easily access people and PCs

  • File transfer with Livecare Support

    File transfer

    Share documents to your devices

  • Remote Access with Livecare Support

    Livecare Support remote access

    Connect to the Remote Desktop and control devices

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